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Cherry Blossom for the Win

I'm not sure where I got the idea that racing both the CRCA Club Race in Central Park and the Cherry Blossom Challenge a few hours later in Newark was a good idea. Particularly with a 4am alarm to arrive early in Central Park to help setup registration. But what started out as a "sure why not" on the team e-mail list wound up being a great day at the races with a bit of a power nap and a breakfast sandwich in between. The highlight of the day was definitely Donnie going with a first lap break at Cherry Blossom and taking home the big win - but really with blue skies, temperatures creeping higher and a day spent on the bike with teammates there's not much to be unhappy about... perhaps other than a distinct lack of sleep. Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1000 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1001 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1002 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1003 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1004 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1005 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1006 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1007 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1008 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1009 Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1011Health Warrior - Cherry Blossom-1010