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Six Days of Kissena

It took several weeks of coaxing from our friends but with warm weather, blue skies and a distinct lack of racing in the city we decided to join track-addicts Aaron and Danielle as well as a number of somewhat confused roadies on the track for day four of the Six Days of Kissena. Several racers from the CRCA Junior Development team even joined in the fun for a full afternoon of racing with Team Health Warrior scoring podiums number two and three for the weekend following Donnie's earlier Cherry Blossom win, and CRCA Junior Development Team putting up a double podium as well. A touch of sunburn aside, it was another near-perfect day on the bike and we'll definitely be back out to Kissena. Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1000 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1001 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1002 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1003 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1004 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1005 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1006 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1007 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1008 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1009 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1010 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1011 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1012 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1013 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1014 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1015 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1016 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1017 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1018 Photo Rhetoric - Kissena-1019

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