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Epic Ride Weather App Review

It’s that time of year again. Winter - a time when many of us are bound to our trainers and stuck spinning our legs while watching a computer animated rider pedal in front of us.  

It is monotonous, tedious, maybe even tortuous, but this is significantly better than the alternative of getting caught out in the frigid conditions outside. However, what if we could more accurately map our ride based on the expected conditions we might encounter?  

For example, let’s say that we plan on riding out to Orchards only to see that a small squall brewing on our way there. Bummer, right? Wait! What if we had a way to know right then and there, that we could take an alternative route and avoid the wintry mix altogether?

Or let’s admit it - we all hate headwinds.  What if we had the ability to map out a ride that allows us to avoid them altogether?  This technology, while not revolutionary, is a solid tool to have in our arsenal of winter beating tactics. Enter the new weather/strava app: Epic Ride Weather.  

Epic Ride Weather enables you to be better prepared, making your rides that much better. Using a route from Strava, Runkeeper or a GPX file, Epic Ride Weather provides forecasts for temperature (actual and feels-like), precipitation (probability and intensity), and wind speeds for each segment of your ride.

Originally hailing from Florida, I am not keen on getting caught in a potential snow flurry or any cold precipitation for that matter.  I decided to give the app a try over this past weekend, and it was actually super easy to set up. You simply download the app and allow it to connect with Strava, Runkeeper, or you can upload your own GPX file.  Once I was all hooked up with Strava, all I needed to do was select a ride I had done previously. The app immediately gives you a fairly detailed and comprehensive perspective on what type of weather you may encounter on your ride.  

You’ll have an easily digestible series of tables giving you temperature, precipitation, and wind for any point of your ride.  This data is calculated based on the expected time it will take you to complete the route, which is based on previous Strava ride. Your route can also be overlaid with wind direction arrows, a great tool if you’re looking to choose a route that affords a perpetual tail wind or avoid headwinds all together.  

Another great asset to the app lies in the ability to set the time you expect to embark on this ride. For overzealous planners who like to plan out weekend jaunts several days in advance, this is a welcomed addition. It affords the rider the opportunity to plan the exact hours of a Saturday smash fest days in advance, while also having the confidence of avoiding any inclement weather. From there, you can choose, customize, and share your route with like minded individuals.  

Epic Ride Weather recommend inputting your initial route a few days in advance, and then checking it again a few hours before your departure. We all know weather is fickle, so check as often as need be.  

I hope that you will find this to be a welcomed addition to your riding arsenal like I have.  It’s never enjoyable to make the trek all the way across the GWB just to find that the weather has turned and that you are now stuck riding down 9W with gale headwinds and stinging cold rain.

Use Epic Ride Weather, and plan accordingly my friends. 


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