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Rapha x Poseur Sport Event

"Somebody is always faster than you." It's both an unyielding truth for the sport of cycling and the title of an art exhibition Alex Ostroy revealed last night at Rapha Soho. 

Alex, the man behind Poseur Sport, has been a friend of To Be Determined family since the beginning of the team including assisting with our original kit concept when the team was known as Team Sixcycle. So, you can understand why we are very excited about this show.

Alex has been a prominent part of the NYC scene for years, both via his role as a team manager and more recently with his visually explosive graphics. His attention to detail is on-point and the word "Pop" seems subdued when describing his pieces. Last night, his works exhibited ranged from kit design to limited edition banner to custom painted frames (by super-talented painter James Terrani // terrainpaintworks.com) 

It's the perfect show for the venue as Rapha Soho has continued to create a hub where people from various cycling backgrounds come together for coffee and art. Last night's event attracted a broad array of members from the cycling community; from steel frame lovers to carbon aero aficionados, from gravel riders to alleycat racers. It is very cool to see in person how Alex's work appeals to such a diverse crowd. 

If you have time his exhibition is a must-see for a cycling lover. 

words and photos by Daghan Perker // @dperker