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Introducing the Garneau Course Air Lite II

Despite foul weather and hours stuck indoors, we've had a newfound motivation to ride our bikes: the Garneau Course Air Lite II shoe. After falling in love with the Copper T-Flex CX/MTB shoe last fall these new road shoes have been on our wishlist since they were unveiled, having already racked up awards at Eurobike for their innovative X-Comfort Zone. A few of our riders were able to secure the first Air Lite II's available in the United States and immediately mounted up cleats to put the shoes through their paces. As we spend more time with the shoes, we'll share our thoughts in a review throughout the season. Which, ready or not, starts next week! 


In the meantime our initial impressions of the new kicks are definitely positive:

  • Top build quality - straight out of the box the Course Air Lite II appears to be the best (and lightest) Garneau road shoe yet!

  • Wide and comfortable toe box - wiggle room for your little piggies

  • Well ventilated with two insole options - one for hot weather, one for cold weather which is perfect for year-round riding in New York City

  • Adjustable arches - the design is a little clunky without velcro but works great once you get it properly positioned

  • POWER TRANSFER OVER 9000 - yes, these shoes are as stiff as they come

If you want to grab a pair of these new shoes they are now available for retail ordering on Garneau's website: Garneau Course Air Lite II shoe

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