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Grant's Tomb Criterium 2018: The Video

We have written many times about the unique and important role the CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium fills for the New York City cycling community. Not only is it a traditional season opener for many racers but it is also one of just two remaining races that take place on the public streets of New York City. The March weather can be less than hospitable and good form can be a challenge so early in the season but year in and year out the Grant’s Tomb Criterium remains both one of the biggest races in the city and certainly one of our favorites - cold weather be damned. 

It is also one of the last races Greg Addo was able to attend with To Be Determined before leaving the concrete jungle of New York City behind with a relocation to Buffalo. His parting gift to the team was this video short, shot in tandem with Cullen and Daghan:

For the behind the scenes look on how the 2018 Grant's Tomb Criterium played out check out this post