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TWTW: Cars Are Bad and The Giro Is Good

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for us over here at TBD. The weather was doing its best to keep everyone away from the outdoors and each of our jobs seem to be doing their best to keep us away from the internet. There was a lot that happened last week in the world of bikes. Locally there were some Floyd races, a particularly wet CRCA Points race (results), and Farmer's Daughter Gravel grinder (do gravel grinders have results?). And a bit further afield the team also headed down to the Wilmington Grand Prix for a particularly challenging day of racing (results).

While this TWTW may be a bit abbreviated we've got some race reports coming on those and some other fun posts planned for the week. Besides team specific happenings and results, there was some incredible performance in the Giro -- the best Grand Tour and the only one that matters (comments for this post have been disabled).

For bunch of reasons, we don't have the normal collection of photos to accompany this post, but I hope you'll find the links below suitable entertainment.  

  • Taking care of your bike is easy, and your chain is pretty important.

  • You aren't going to live forever, but you can certainly trick people into thinking you might.

  • A common sentiment in the team Slack: Ban Cars. Many others are starting to agree.

  • A cyclist has been killed by a big cat on the west coast. As always, we're sad to hear about the loss of another cyclist.

  • Ticks are horrifying already. Apparently, we should all be even more terrified of them.

  • The finish on the Monte Zoncolan in the Giro was outstanding. But there are a few interesting moments the official cameras didn't catch.