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TWTW: Top Tens Galore

As was the case in last week’s TWTW, it was another pretty low key weekend of racing in New York City. As we spent the weekend off the bike watching Road Worlds and the Jinglecross World Cup there were also a few smaller races on offer including a new event called Lucky Charm. Close enough to NYC to be nearly local this is where the team managed to snag three of the top five spots. So with that success front of mind, the week that was in New York City cycling:

The Week That Was (TWTW) On the Bike

In a bit of last minute decision making we had four riders head out to Newfoundland, New Jersey for the brand new Lucky Charm Cyclocross race. Named for Michael "Lucky" Lukowiak, who passed away after a cross race last year, we were happy to support this new addition to the cyclocross calendar. It also turned out to be a very successful day of racing as Ted led the team home in second, followed closely by Travis in third, Daghan in fifth and Clark a further three spots back. All in all, a pretty swell day of pedaling bikes. Stay tuned, we may have a race report from this one later in the week (Lucky Charm Cyclocross Results).

Sadly outside of the races it was another moist week in the city. This meant Wednesday night cyclocross practice was cancelled and we were forced to get in our Daily Grind CX intervals on pavement. But thanks to a brief spell of beautiful blue skies - and a flyover by some military helicopters - it was a memorable afternoon on the bike.

Otherwise it was mostly par for the course for this time of year in New York City - we got in a variety of low key rides, keeping the mood appropriately tranquilo.

The Week That Was On the TBD Journal

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Parting Shot

Daghan was front an center this past weekend at the Waterloo World Cup. We will be sharing some of his images in the coming week but this one may be our favorite as he perfectly captured one of the most climatic moments in the race: