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To Be Determined is a journal of cycling, adventure and photography, curated by a NYC-based cycling team known as TBD Racing or Team TBD. From criteriums to cyclocross to product reviews and travel diaries, it is all part of the TBD Journal.

Garneau Cityzen Collection

Earlier this year Garneau launched a new commuting/athletic wear line known as the Cityzen Collection. Since a big chunk of TBD commutes via bike on a daily basis Garneau sent us the full line-up to take for a spin around New York City. Our size selection, based on the race cut that we are used to from the custom product we race in year round, left something to be desired given Cityzen uses a much more relaxed fit cut. However despite the sample jerseys being a few sizes too big we were broadly impressed by the quality of the construction and thoughtful touches like the sunglasses loop on the jerseys. Without a doubt our favorite product in the Cityzen Collection was the urban cycling shorts that feature a removable chamois - definitely something we could see ourselves using not just while commuting but also while bikepacking. To check out the full Cityzen Collection head over to the Garneau website.