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Cheese Curds and Belgian Fries: Trek CX Cup

I wanted to share some of my images from last year’s Trek CX Cup before I head out there the weekend. I had been to many UCI cyclocross races, but the 2017 Trek CX Cup was my first World Cup. When it comes to overall venue productions it’s exponentially bigger than any of the other UCI C2 races that you might have experienced on the East Coast: Tents are bigger, more vendors, more TV screens, a bigger race course, highest caliber racers - the list goes on.

Trek knows how to put together a party.

They did a great job at balancing hardcore racing along with having fun. Hidden in a forest section, the not-so-secret Secret Bar was one of the best additions to a cyclocross race I have ever seen. The fully stocked bar served more than soft drinks and was a fan favorite for the people who came here to party. Running around the course following the racers, I made sure to stop by the bar every two to three laps for refreshments.  The legends and costume races were big hits among amateur racers trying to beat their favorite racer.

That’s talent - Catching a jelly worm of a hook while racing.

Racing in a Santa Claus costume during a 90 degree heat wave takes another level of fitness.

Little Belgians

There were 10 different categories of Junior races and a kid’s race on a separate course. You don’t only watch the today’s best racers, but the future up and coming stars as well.

Temperatures reaching mid 90s

For me cyclocross is all about the challenges that the environmental elements throw your way. Despite what some people might think, this race is truly cyclocross for me. I would probably hate racing under these conditions, but fans (myself included) like seeing racers pushed to their limits. Trek was diligent and had buckets full of ice packs for the racers after the race and the team soigneurs were strategically placed around the course to provide some relief as well. Some racers were really lucky enough to get shot by water guns during a step-up section.

Starstruck: Cycling legends are everywhere here. Just walking around and easily approachable. Here; Jens, Sven and Wout are signing posters promoting their sponsors.


The experience of watching a World Cup race is unexplainable. The sheer speed these riders hit and the effortless way they clear obstacles is not comprehensible by any of us earthly human riders. Being able to race the same World Cup course with the world class pros, watching kid’s races, and experiencing the Trek hospitality, all while enjoying some great cheese curd are some of the reasons you should head out there for this race.

Finish with nothing left.

On every level of racing, the racers gave it all. Their faces tell the whole story as you see below.