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Mark's Outrageous Project One Emonda

It was at one of those cross practices where it was hot, and still light out, and it was during my very first season. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I really didn’t then, and I remember ogling the amazing athleticism and skills of the King Kog boys, particularly those on the killer custom Breismeisters. I think those had fade paint-jobs, too.

Anyway, I remember one of those Kogs (Kings?) coming up behind me on an off-camber turn, and I was really, really trying to nail it. But I didn’t, and drifted a bit through the corner. I saved it, much to my relief.

“You’d be faster if you just put a foot out.”

And that was how I met Mark Steffen. He’s consistently been one of the most helpful guys I know when it comes to figuring out this crazy sport. And he just got this super cool new Emonda for the road season, and it’s got all the things.

  • SRAM Red Etap. Hydro. Don’t ask about the hoods. They’re great when you’re riding. And by next year, we’ll all think they’re normal-looking.

  • The SRAM XG-1190 cassette that’s machined out of a single piece of steel. It runs 150 grams. Never mind what it costs – it’s a quarter of a pound lighter than the next best SRAM alternative. Neat.

  • Bontrager XXX carbon everything, including the saddle. Whooshy deep carbon tubeless rims, laced to carbon hubs. CARBON HUBS.

Shooting this bike in the pitch dark was probably not the best idea, but it sure did make the paint POP.

Mark would like to thank his sponsors and friends at King Kog Brooklyn, Sun and Air, Trek and Bontrager for their support in getting this bike to the state that it’s in. And to our own Colin Tanner at ACME for improving his fit over time.