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A Custom Ride Should Always Start with a Custom Bike Fit

Two weeks ago our own Colin Tanner was at NAHBS representing Acme Bicycle Co. and Gurufit (even though he just had a surgery!). In addition to checking out all of the beautiful bikes at NAHBS (galleries below) we had the chance to catch some of Colin's discussion of bike fit as an integral part of the custom bike ordering process. 


Besides showing off the best fit bike on the planet, Jonathan and Colin from ACME discussed the finer points of bike fitting in relation to custom bicycles. A lot goes into determining the right fit geometry which can impact the ride quality, feel and handling characteristics of a custom designed bike. ACME's extensive experience working with clients and builders ensures that the ride is optimized and no stone is left unturned.

After the fit geometry is determined, the work is far from over.  Working backwards from the contact points (saddle, handlebars, pedals) an experienced builder will decide the ideal setup for the rider based on the intended usage of the bike and unique characteristics of the end user. These considerations range from the more obvious concerns regarding the weight of the rider and the desired handing characteristics down to the intended tire width and componentry.  There are countless other aspects to consider as well. The goal is to ensure that the bike is tuned to the needs of the individual.  

As the point of contact, ACME will communicate these aspects to the builder and work with them on revising drawings before any tube is ever welded, brazed or molded.  It is a detail oriented process that is well worth it when you are investing in a custom bike.